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Corporate Team-Building: Become a Bucket Drummer

You've seen those high-energy bucket drummers who draw huge crowds of tourists at major U.S. destinations. Now here is your opportunity to enter this world of unique, urban beat music with a corporate team-building event right here in New York City. Your group’s teacher has given over 14,000 private drum lessons, and recorded over 27 pieces of new music, with tours throughout the United States, Europe and Japan. The instructor also uses rhythm techniques to teach reading, writing and math to special needs students.

Event Décor: Take Over the World at Your Table

If your destination corporate meeting is using its business component to think globally, it makes sense that your lunches or galas maintain a similar theme. Décor can be a major part of that, so why not feature globes themselves! We can recommend options as big as an entry-way installation, or pieces that add an elegant touch as a cohesive, unique centerpiece for a sit-down gala.

World’s Top Glass Art at NYC Garden Corporate Events

Destination corporate meeting attendees love galas at the multiple garden venues here in New York City, and in 2017, they can be enhanced with artwork from one of the world’s leading glass sculptors. It is estimated that he has sold over $30 million of blown glass globally! These sculptures are especially spectacular near the water and add a wow-factor of both sensory color and light to any event!

After-Hours: Secret Speakeasies and Steamers

It would be pretty amazing to combine the great taste of prohibition-style speakeasies with fresh seafood, and while New York City has been seeing a renaissance in speakeasies, especially secret ones, we found one that also offers those steaming fresh food options! Here's what makes it more surprising: it has the look and feel of being in a private townhouse. And it's only steps from major Times Square-area hotels. If your destination corporate meeting group is looking for intimacy versus grandeur, these kinds of venues are for you.

Healthy Meeting Breaks: Superfoods That Get (And Keep) the Meeting Rolling

Regardless of any specific dietary restrictions for destination corporate meeting attendees, groups here in New York City have more access than ever to diverse meeting break food that is very healthy and provides that shot of energy that can keep a meeting moving at full-throttle. Three of the easiest new superfoods to incorporate into any kind of venue are sacha inchi seeds, with 5,000 milligrams of omega-35 and 8 grams of protein; pitaya, which is better known as the "dragon fruit", and horned melons, that are ideal to pair with plain Greek yogurt during a break setting. Looking for a healthier alternative to coffee? Try offering coffee leaf tea, which has less caffeine and avoids the bitt

Screening Room Events Get Artsy and Hyper-Local

We have been posting about how boutique hotels in New York City are incorporating screening rooms into their properties for destination corporate meetings and events. However, the newest option we have found in this space that provides a unique cultural vibe, directly influenced by the neighborhood and the city's rich tradition of independent films. This venue has undergone a massive renovation that now provides meeting groups five technologically optimized theaters with luxury seating, surround-sound AND 3D presentation capability. It also features a hip lobby with vintage film posters, ideal for cocktail parties. And that's without mentioning the facility is looking to expand with six more

After-Hours: Tropic of Manhattan

You don’t have to plan a destination corporate meeting on an exotic island to provide a tropical experience for your attendees. It’s right here in Manhattan. And there is another twist. The newest venues in this genre are providing fresh tropical ingredients to rums and whiskeys that can make an after-hours event as organic as possible. We have previously blogged about punch-bowl happy hours, and we think the newest trend of tropical event venues is the next big thing in summer corporate events!