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Bruce Springsteen Moves to a 975-Seat Venue on Broadway

Whether or not your destination corporate meeting attendees have attended one of "The Boss'" concerts at a major arena, die-hard fans will say you really haven't "seen" him until you catch one of his unannounced appearances at a small bar in Jersey. He is doing the next best thing with shows at a Broadway theater, accommodating less than 1,000 people for an intimate experience for audiences. Some of the highlights will include Bruce reading "Born to Run", which by the way, won all kinds of positive reviews from book critics. It will also feature a very limited band that adds to the intimacy. Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention and incen

Have a Smashing Time at This Destructive Corporate Event

In most cases, the last thing a meeting planner or corporate executive wants is attendees trashing an event venue. We have found an exception. Your attendees will completely destroy second-hand office furnishings and office equipment with a metal baseball bat, sledgehammer or crowbar at a unique new venue in Midtown Manhattan. They will be serenaded by music that includes Nirvanna's "Smells Like Teen Spirit' and Weezers' "Hash Pipe." And if anyone is loving the wrecking session too much, a clinical psychologist who specializes in trauma and abuse is there too. This event is ideal for small groups with limits on overall participation and individual smashing sessions. We recommend pairing this

Resorts World Casino Begins Massive Expansion with Hotel

The Resorts World Casino in New York City is rolling out new amenities for the over 10 million annual visitors. $400 million expansion will bring a 400-room four-star hotel, four new dining outlets including a signature restaurant concept by a celebrity chef, new retail offerings, a new arrival experience, and new gaming. This venue has already ramped up its game with a 70,000 square-foot event center for destination corporate meeting groups!

NYC Event Venues: NFL-Cirque du Soleil Features End Zone Dancing

We previously blogged about the upcoming joint venture in Times Square between the U.S. National Football League and Cirque du Soleil. We have learned that the new experiential venue will feature something that gets regularly fined by the league's commissioner - end zone dancing. If your destination corporate meeting attendees score a touchdown at this unique venue, they will be inspired to celebrate with end zone dances that may even be displayed on a screen above Times Square! Which makes us wonder: what if the real players in the NFL start doing this? Could be interesting! We also love the upcoming "Quarterback Experience." It doesn't come with a franchise tag for millions, but furthers t

Museum Events: Add a Latin Flavor to Corporate Galas

Shackman Associates New York has held corporate galas for destination meeting clients at some of New York's most famous museum exhibitions, and there is now a new one that features memorabilia by salsa icons like Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. What you may not know is that New York City might be the birthplace of the Latin dance-music revolution dating all the way back to the 1910's. Whether it is the rumba from the 1930's, the boom of clubs in the 1960's, or jazz-infused arrangements, there is an incredible opportunity to combine a corporate gala with the rich history of Latin music on display at a major New York City museum. And there is no shortage of menu and entertainment options for this

Meeting Breaks: An Over-the-Top Burger Without Over-the-Top Crowds

There has been a continuing, exhaustive search by many for the best gourmet burger in Manhattan, and one venue in the Upper East Side delivers, and then some, without crazy waits and crowds. You can get them transported right to your meeting if business needs to get done, and our favorite on the menu is appropriately called the "CEO." It is a double wagyu and brisket blend burger with homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli, and aged swiss cheese. And if your group is conscious about burger ingredients, all of the meat is vegetarian-fed, with no hormones or antibiotics. Farm-to-table at its best! Want to make it an event? This venue is a craft beer destination as well.

Healthy Team-Building: Get Sporty at Brooklyn "Country Club"

We have found a massive 120,000 square-foot venue in Coney Island, Brooklyn that offers destination corporate meeting attendees multiple indoor tennis courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool, gym and other amenities you would find at many top country clubs. The venue was founded by two of the world's most experienced tennis experts who have traveled on the pro circuit for years. Guest coaches has included former World #1 player Dina Safina. This could be a great event to pair with exclusive experiences at the U.S Open Tennis Tournament.

Corporate Events: Crustaceans on the Hudson

Your destination corporate meeting group can experience some of the best lobsters in the U.S. right here in Manhattan, all while enjoying spectacular views of the skyline on the Hudson River. Your attendees also have the option to enjoy a massive raw bar and seasonal cocktails that are served in mason jars. Did we mention every drink has an optional rum floater? You are on a boat, after all. What we also love about this idea is the time component. Unlike some of the more tourist-driven Circle Line events that can take hours, your attendees can be on and off the boat within an hour to enjoy other after-hours options throughout the city.

Hotel News: Luxury Boutique in Greenwich Village, NYC Wows Us

If you want an idea of how much the middle of Greenwich Village is transforming itself, then look no further than this luxury boutique we found there. The architecture and decor will take your destination corporate incentive travel program group back in time to classic Greenwich Village from yester-year. It includes the old-school gas lamps, a library with early edition books from local writers, and keeping with a huge trend we are seeing throughout the city, art from locals as well. We also love that the dining menu is acquired from the Union Square Farmers Market, a destination in itself!