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Team-Building and Spouse Programs: Slay Your Way to be a Dance Diva

If you have wondered how performers like Beyonce have developed their incredible dance moves while performing, we have found a fun new team-building option in New York City that can teach your attendees and spouses how to perform some of the signature moves you see your favorite stars perform. This idea is also a great add-on to other wellness programs that have become a major component at destination corporate meetings, like team-building work-outs at hotel gyms prior to business meetings, and even spin classes in unusual or iconic locations!

Corporate Events: Party Where the Celebs Are

If your destination corporate meeting attendees are looking for a venue where they can talk about about celeb sightings, we have found a new spot that stars like Beyonce love. It features a giant 11,000-square-foot space that has a vintage Miami feel, although the real show-stopper is the view of the Manhattan skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This also includes a 2,000-square-foot outdoor patio. Like we have said, Brooklyn is a major destination for meetings!

How to Bring Art Team-Building into Your Hotel Room via F. Scott Fitzgerald

While there has been a huge explosion of art in New York City hotels that destination corporate meeting attendees love, we have found one hospitality venue that takes art into the most intimate places - your attendees' hotel room. And that room could have been F. Scott Fitzgerald's back in the day, or even John Steinbeck's. So your attendees see amazing art, staying in an iconic venue on the National Historical register, and have an opportunity to turn a one-time event like a "Paint Nite" into an entire experience that helps define their trip to New York. Overall, art has never been more popular as an attraction for destination corporate meeting attendees, and that is especially true for mil

Healthy Meetings: Be Among the First in the U.S. to do Fisio Pilates

If your destination corporate meeting group takes advantage of our last two posts about some of the amazing new local meeting break food ideas here in New York City, they will probably thank you even more for a taste of a hot new fitness trend, Fisio Pilates, that will help them quickly shed those calories before returning home! We have learned that Fisio Pilates is part of a broader, global wellness trend called Colon Hydrotherapy that celebs like Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all practicing. We expect the first classes in New York by early 2018. As you might be aware, Pilates is a system of exercises that target core stability muscles. So if your attendees are sitting f

Local Flavors at Meetings: Spectacular Pizza Flavor in a Pocket

More destination corporate meeting attendees are telling us they love it when we feature local flavors and vibes while they are in New York, and we have now found a super-authentic Italian treat that is the hot Lower East Side food trend. We simply love the idea of convenience combined with the amazing taste of one venue's new pizza pockets, and they are the perfect idea for meetings on-the-go, an alternative to attendees walking around with a slice during down-time without spilling the cheese, and even a destination lunch idea for small incentive groups. Finally, no one will ever confuse this menu idea with the hot pockets sold at supermarkets. These are the real deal with an authentic Ital

Meeting Breaks: NYC's New Doughnut Craze is "Stacked" With Flavor

If you think you have previously read a blog (or many) from us about doughnuts at destination corporate meetings, you are 100% right; but in New York, the ways to use them for meeting breaks never seem to end. The latest method features ice-cream-stuffed doughnuts, with all kinds of tasty flavors like Thai Iced Tea, Black Sesame and White Chocolate Lavender. Here's the real trick to this treat - the doughnuts somehow still can be served to your attendees warm without melting the ice cream! Still hungry? Throw on a few Fruity Pebbles as a topping!