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Wellness at Meetings: Cycling Goes Big as it Gets Bigger

We are proud to have carried out a variety of wellness experiences throughout New York City as a meeting enhancement. One of our favorite concepts is stationary cycles in the middle of Central Park. While until now, it has been a limited event, we are seeing that major cycling venues are in the middle of expansions including 30,000 square-foot venues that could potentially accommodate groups of mostly any size. We love this as a team-building, wellness, and unique networking idea for major groups that has not been logistically possible until now. It's especially ideal for association conventions. And even with large groups, we expect to still see highly personalized programs with potential f

Corporate Dinners: Fly In What You Want

When you are flying in chickens on private planes for executive dinners, well, that is something unusual, until now. And the sky truly is the limit here in New York! This new trend provides an exceptional experience for destination corporate attendees, and provides them an exclusive look at culinary creativeness. Lobster chauffeurs? Done. Unusual meat or fish? Not a problem. We are seeing a trend where meeting planners can personalize menus that reflect their attendees' sense of style and living. Importing items is no longer an issue, and that is great news for meeting planners. We are excited where this trend is going.

Event Awesomeness Without the Hoopla

We are loving Danny Meyer's new venture in downtown New York that puts fine dining and event options into the sky. What we really like is that no one is over-hyping it, which is unusual for fans of Danny Meyer. And that's the key. We are seeing top chefs and mixologists launching new projects they truly love versus trying to capitalize on overall event market fads. This is a great early opportunity for your attendees.

Take Home Gifts from Destination Meetings: FAO Schwarz is Back

One of the iconic New York City brands is back with a new destination venue in Rockefeller Center. Whether you have seen the movie "Big" or not, this venue is a huge draw for destination corporate meeting attendees who want to bring a slice of New York back home to their families. As a destination management company, we know that a piece of New York is a huge deliverable for meeting groups. We can easily see this as a holiday option that can be piggybacked with a Rockefeller skating event.

Spike Up Meetings and Events with This Candy Treat

Some of us would argue that any cocktail is a treat, but in New York, the treat itself can be a cocktail. We are talking about spiked candy from an online sensation that went from a pop-up in the Hamptons, to now a permanent fixture in Manhattan as an event enhancer. Whether your attendees' tastes include an affinity for Champagne Gummy Bears, Single-malt Scotch cordials, or Peach Bellini Gummies, you can find whatever you think your group wants for a New York City event treat.

Meetings Breaks: Go Crazy With Coffee

The days of the usual coffee in those silver containers are over. Destination corporate meeting attendees are looking for more unique and tasty options. And in New York, we have plenty. For example, your attendees can experience the best beans from Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. They are ironically roasted by 49th Parallel in Canada, and have smooth, well-balanced flavors. In addition to coffee and espresso drinks, one meeting break venue offers turmeric, beet coco, blue, and charcoal lattes. Want food too? Pastries and baked goods are made in-house with free-range organic eggs and include gluten-free options made with coconut oil. Super-delicious!

Vrroomm! Drive Classic Cars Pre- or During Meeting

One of the great pastimes on the East Coast of the US is Classic cars in the summer. If you are planning a meeting in the New York City area next summer, there is an opportunity to have your destination corporate meeting attendees experience these cars in a controlled environment that, quite frankly, helps keeps the industry alive. Whether it is driving them or incorporating them into an event or gala, classic cars are especially ideal for international meeting groups that are looking for a piece of US culture.

Meeting Breaks: Try a Meditation Pod

You don't have to spend hours trying to meditate in peace out in the middle of nowhere. In fact, according to Dr. Jeffery Martin of the Transformative Technology Lab, you can actually successfully meditate in the most unlikely of places, in line at your local DMV for instance. That might be a stretch for many of us, but in Manhattan, we are seeing a new breed of venues that offer meditation services that can occupy as little time as a 20-minute meeting break. Especially if your meeting is in Midtown Manhattan. We love this idea if your attendees tend to get stressed out, and we really love it if your meeting is focused on engagement. You want fresh and clear minds, and this is a major soluti

Meeting Planners for Long Island Forks: Think One Summer Ahead

We have this culture in New York where everyone starts thinking about the next summer somewhere around January. For meeting planners, that is way too late. We are seeing all kinds of wellness, fishing, wine tasting, food-to-table menu and other holistic trends that are increasing in popularity among luxury customers way before they are booked for the summer this year, or next. They will soon be major must-haves that might price or schedule you out for a group experience or corporate retreat. In New York, it is important to think ahead, and based on what we are seeing in hospitality and dining demand, now is the time to act.

Hotel News: Meet at the Waldorf Astoria of Brooklyn

We are really excited to see one of the most historic hotel venues in Brooklyn ready to go full-throttle in its reopening this year. It was once considered the "Waldorf Astoria of Brooklyn", and being in Brooklyn Heights puts this property in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the US. We are expecting lots of history for destination corporate meeting attendees to enjoy as it doubles as a museum. and regardless of the experiential dining options on-site at the hotel that are ideal for incentive travel groups, there are plenty of dining and event options in the the neighborhood!

After-Hours: Try Frozen Bourbon With Unique Pairings

It's no secret that bourbon gets the stingiest of after-hours destination corporate meeting attendees excited about the event. We have found a unique twist that freezes the drink and pairs it with unique elements like caviar, creme fraiche and boiled egg. Look at it this way. Your group can have bourbon with ice that get gets diluted, or start with an option that already incorporates ice from the beginning and eliminates the race against time on the process!

Event Venues: Jersey Gets Artsy Too!

Events and galas at art galleries have been a huge trend in New York City. We are seeing it spread to new trendy areas like Hoboken. This city, located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, has already seen hot new hotels like the W open, and is increasingly becoming an option for corporate events. There is one gallery we especially love that can accommodate 75 attendees, ideal for a small incentive program group or company anniversary.

Saint Andrews Golf at New York Meetings

Your US-based destination corporate meeting attendees don't have to travel across the pond to play at "Saint Andrews." We have one less than 30 minutes from Manhattan. It might not be the original, but this venue is ideal for groups looking for a golf option that does not kill an entire day. With 130 years of history behind it, we really love the comprehensive golf programs that can accommodate players of diverse skill levels. You can also piggyback this experience with one of the multiple riverfront event venues in the "Rivertowns" that provide spectacular views of both the Manhattan skyline and lower Hudson Valley.