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Events: Open Industrial Loft Spaces With Views

We are seeing more event spaces open in New York City that have been converted from old industrial buildings. They provide light and views attendees love! While the location of many of these venues is not necessarily directly in Midtown Manhattan, they offer the benefit of being in cool neighborhoods that reflect the architecture. They are also located near many new boutique hotels that are popular with millennial attendees. These venues are great for creative fashion shows and product launches, and we really love the communal dining option that is possible for much larger groups than just executives.

Warm and Cold Winter Meeting Break and Gift Ideas

It might be the first week of Fall in New York City, but it is obviously not too early to put some finishing touches on your cold weather meetings here in the winter. Our favorites include: 1. Creative hot chocolate bar. This is really up to your imagination, but we think this is a great meeting break idea, complimented with treats, to either replace the usual coffee and carb idea. We also love it as a way to re-welcome your attendees to their hotel or meeting venue after an outside event. 2. Branded gifts throughout the meeting. Again, there is a lot of room for creativity, but here is one suggestion that is super-simple. While most destination corporate meeting attendees expect bottled wat

Exclusive Events and Team-Building Become More Immersive and Tech-Driven

There are major, tech-driven event venues like the NatGeo Ocean Odyssey in Times Square that offer all kinds of interactivity with a set theme. We are now seeing a new breed of venues in this category that make the immersive experience highly personalized. The most interesting example we have found features a fashion showroom from the future where clothes are replaced with body modifications. As we often incorporate highly creative set, entertainer and decor design at events, we love the use of all of these components to create a hybrid reality-fantasy experience. This idea can either be used for team-building or a provocative after-hours cocktail hour event. This is especially valuable if

Event Wines: Use the Late Harvest to Elevate Cocktail Menus

Forget about what you have been told about wine harvest season at New York-area vineyards. Some of the most exciting wines are harvesting way past October and ideal for winter corporate events. What exactly is a late-harvest wine? It usually features grapes that are aging longer and go through at least one freeze. While they are sweeter then usual, we especially love the Long Island North Fork Rieslings that are basically "endless summer" vintages. There is another vineyard option in the South Fork that every celeb who vacations in the Hamptons probably knows for its summer Rose. Here's the catch, the winemaker is from Germany, so he knows how to optimize late-harvesting grapes as well. And

Burger Menus at Events for Attendees with Diverse Dietary Requirements

Today is National Burger Day, and your destination corporate meeting attendees won't find more options than they will in New York City. A growing challenge is how to incorporate this delicious and increasingly gourmet option into events where your group doesn't have to feel like tourists waiting in line or where they have diverse tastes and dietary requirements. You might consider selecting a hybrid option, usually found in a neighborhood. We found one venue in Soho that delivers the best flavor combination of steakhouse burgers and Shake Shack (without the endless lines) into an intimate experience that also offers fresh seasonal, farm-to-table-vegetable options for attendees who are not me

Cocktail Hours With a Taste of Japan

Mixology at corporate cocktail hours has added a new twist of Japanese. We are not simply talking about about the standard fare of cold or hot sake. Instead, your attendees can enjoy more exotic offerings like Sinso gin and tonic highballs and Yuzo-Shio Daiquiris. Ok, there is sake there as well: it is used a delicious marinade for the venue's creative assortment of small plates.

Healthy Event Menus: From a Box to a Boom

When most of us think of Couscous, we often associate it with a bland offering that we cook on a stove from a box. In New York, those days are over. The city's chefs are finding new ways to spice up a super-healthy menu item that is appearing more frequently at events and galas. We recently checked out a few options and here are our favorites: 1. Fried garlic, copped toasted almonds chopped dried apricots, currants, cumin and olive oil. 2. Chili paste. 3. Cubed pumpkin in olive oil with some major roasting.

Events around Grand Manhattan Architecture

New York City is blessed with some of the world's most amazing architecture. It can be a great backdrop to use for a major corporate event. This includes venues that span an outdoor inspiration point, historic banks, a fashion venue that is adorned with two peacock crowns, the biggest church in the world, and a hot hotel in the Lower East Side. Here's another twist. Make it a scavenger hunt idea that can include up to 10-15 historic architectural venues!

Drones Will Re-Define Golf Events at Destination Meetings

If your destination corporate meeting attendees love to golf while at destination corporate meetings, we have found a concept that could soon replace the random F&B cart: Drone delivery. Think about it. How many times have you, your executives, or destination meeting attendees wanted a beer or sandwich at the 8th Hole after a Triple Bogey? There is new technology we are seeing that can seamlessly help your attendees order food or drinks wherever they are on the course via an app and have it delivered quickly via drone based on the GPS components on their phones. Feeling a little shaky about that putt on the 13th Hole or drive over water on the 16th? Here's an air delivery surprise that will

Healthy and Fit New York Meetings: Personalized Stretch Events

If your destination corporate meeting attendees are looking for a way to loosen up, New York has become a capital for personalized stretchers. And it has nothing to do with a cocktail hour. We are also not talking about the latest fads in training or even personal trainers you can hire at some of the top gyms in Manhattan. These are people who can help your attendees rediscover their elasticity. Here is another benefit. This kind of treatment can help recovery if your attendees are feeling a little sore from their existing workout programs. This luxury event idea is also ideal for attendees that are used to sitting at desks hunched over chairs.