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Exclusive NYC Experiences: Fight Night 102 Floors in the Air

If you think the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) finally coming to New York is big news, and even if you don't, we have found the first ever professional karate league launching this week with a major fight on the 102nd Floor of the Freedom Tower. It will be live-streamed globally. The league was founded by an investment banker with an eye toward the inception of karate as a medal sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. If you are a meeting planner with super-competitive attendees or executives, this is an amazing after-hours idea that we project will frequently continue in New York as the league grows. And with the rules limiting all-out bloodshed, don't assume this is a male-only event. And

VR Team-Building: Tell a Story of Superhero Attendees

While everyone is talking about Virtual Reality experience, why not let your corporate meeting attendees narrate their own story about, well, pretty much anything they want? In this VR world, they can transform into just about anything from their favorite superhero to a knight defending royal palaces. Such an adrenaline-filled experience doesn't require much in equipment besides paint and cardboard. Now, this is where things get interesting! Bring the entire concept into a video feature that will "wow" the entire meeting group! The technology is there. Are you?

Team-Building: Use NYC Parks for Great Walking-Running Events

For those who are not from or live in New York City, are you aware of just how many amazing parks we have? With many to choose from, why not use them for you next company team-building? With the insight of the NYC Parks Director, here are 4 ideas you could easily incorporate: 1. Trail run. Skip Central Park for Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx that is a 3.5-mile escape to what you would think is upstate New York. Want to get more aggressive? Van Cortlandt Park also connects to 2 major trails that actually do run upstate, enhancing your corporate attendees' experiences. 2. On the Boardwalk. We are big fans of the Rockaways, This is ideal for beginners, is super-beautiful, and can be customize