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Corporate Dinners: The Standing Steakhouse

Have you ever gone to a steakhouse, loaded up on the menu, felt great, and then are useless for the rest of the night? That formula doesn't always work for corporate dinners, so we have found the perfect solution with New York's first ever "standing steakhouse." The venue kind of forces your destination corporate meeting attendees to interact with each other because, quite frankly, they are standing and eating. It's a great idea for corporate meeting planners who have remote employees that need to network!

Team-Building: Who is the Iron Chef in Your Company?

We have found a unique cooking team-building idea that can ramp up an already fun event into an "Iron-Chef" competition among your destination corporate meeting attendees. The event can work among teams and individuals. Your attendees might love beating the executives, but of course, the best part of this kind of team-building is that everyone will enjoy some really creative food when the competition is over!

Jean-Georges Goes Vegan for Healthy Meetings

It seems like the menus of super-chef Jean-Georges are everywhere these days, so it should probably come as no surprise he is entering the world of vegan dining. His newest venue in New York City offers a unique breakfast and lunch idea for corporate meeting groups. Too busy for a road trip? This vegan menu can come to your meeting! We also hear dinner is coming soon.

Schooner the Hudson

Having done 10-boat flotillas for major conventions, we know a thing or two about finding ways for destination corporate meeting attendees to cruise the Hudson River in New York City. But what about sailing? There are multiple options that provide a unique "schooner" experience you might find on vacation experiences throughout the Greek Islands, and it's right here in New York. One of the amazing components of this idea is how dramatically the views can change from the bustling skyline of Manhattan, to the serenity and spectacular majesty of the Palisades and lower Hudson Valley.

Saint John the Divine Becoming a Foodie Event Option

If you haven’t heard, Saint John the Divine in New York City is one of the largest and most spectacular cathedrals in the world. We have taken groups there, and now the surrounding neighborhood is doing more than embracing its existence. It has developed private dining and food break options that are considered world-class with top chefs. This is part of an overall transformation of the entire neighborhood into a destination for corporate meeting attendees for off-hours entertainment options.

Corporate Retreats and Executive Dinners UNDER the Williamsburg Bridge

It seems like everyone wants a piece of Williamsburg, Brooklyn these days. But what about a venue for exclusive corporate events, retreats and executive dinners right below the Williamsburg Bridge? We found one in the increasingly posh South Williamsburg. Locally-sourced everything with a great wine list and a chicken menu that is about as far away as you could get from rubber! This is a great venue for getting deals done.

Corporate Dinners: New Steakhouse That Looks Like a Speakeasy

We have found a unique West Village Manhattan venue steakhouse that your destination corporate meeting attendees would swear is a typical speakeasy. And that’s what makes this place great! Gaze at the Manhattan skyline from across the East River at this 3,000-square-foot roof deck. After a recent renovation, the aria features a retractable glass roof, so you can hang out when it's sunny or raining. Quaff European brews that skew German, like the Aventinus doppelbock ($9), as you chow down on boozing-friendly eats, such as bratwurst with sauerkraut and fries ($9). Come summertime, a DJ takes over during the boozy Brunch Beats Sundays.

Broadway’s Biggest New Hit Based in the Smallest in Places

In the middle of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington emerged a story of about 6,000 international flyers who were diverted to a small town in Newfoundland, Canada for about one week while the US was under an air travel ban. The hospitality of the 10,000 locals has become legendary, and Broadway’s newest show tells this story. We even hear that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will come to New York to see it! Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention and incentive program attendees with unique Broadway experiences that have included backstage tours and interaction with key performers.

A Taste of Scotland Golf for NYC Corporate Meetings

Your destination corporate meeting attendees can experience a taste of Scottish golf only only 90 minutes from New York City, and that includes a frequent bagpiper who can often be heard piping from the first tee at this links-inspired course. The entire venue was built on a former mine near the Walkill River, and the layout is both challenging and spectacular for views. The venue is also part of one of the area’s top ski and snowboard venues, so you can imagine how the terrain adds to the overall experiences.

Michelin-Starred Chef Launches a Baking Team-Building Class

One of the world’s top bakers, and chef at Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred restaurant Noma, has launched a bread-baking team-building option in New York City that will have even the most hardened Atkins dieters eager to participate. Your destination corporate meeting attendees will learn all about the process of “proofing time” and “hydration” as they make loaves from heaven that are heartier and chewier (with a killer crust, of course) than anything they might have enjoyed at top restaurants. Did we mention the class includes a charcuterie board?

Pre-Meeting Sundays: City-Wide Ferry Service to Beaches and More

If your destination corporate meeting attendees are arriving early in New York City on a Sunday, they will have more water ferry options than ever before to explore the five boroughs. This includes a new route to Rockaway, that in the summer, will be spectacular for views and cooling off while taking the scenic route to one of the city’s top beaches.


Forget the craziness about wiretapping. No one will ever accuse former President Obama of poor taste in dining. Turns out one of the Obamas’ favorite chefs has opened the hottest Bistro in Brooklyn. It is a fantastic venue for casual corporate dinners and destination corporate meetings with smaller groups. We simply love the Grilled Clams appetizer, Sheep’s Milk Cheese Filled Agnolotti, Veal Steak with Long Peppers and Rigatoni Diavola. The decor is kind of hip-industrial, which is exactly what you would expect in this neighborhood!


While some of Manhattan’s speakeasies have attached themselves to restaurants as after-hours craft cocktail options, we haven’t seen one piggyback a menu option that sounds just as delicious as the main course. Until now. Meet the Speakeasy Burger, which at one venue features a dry-aged short rib topped with bacon and caramelized onion, Comte cheese, truffle aioli and a horseradish pickle. Wow! This could an ideal alternative to a sit-down dinner for meetings planners with groups looking to be as casual and mobile as possible after hours.


We have found an exciting team-building option, an escape room, where only 20% of participants “succeed”, but 100% improve collaborate skills and build closer relationships with colleagues. Your attendees must get out of a locked room that features finding clues and hidden objects, and solving puzzles. Backdrops include a sunken submarine, rec rooms, and theaters. If your group can think creatively, they will have an opportunity to find a way out!


New York City still has “untapped” neighborhoods that are amazing for events and provide a truly local flavor millennials love. Located in the 140s and Broadway, this area provides destination corporate meeting attendees a taste of city grit (think pre-2010 Williamsburg) with amazing dining and private event venues that will wow taste buds. Enjoy craft cocktails like the Disco Inferno, drinks served in frozen red pepper and menu items like Peje y Parcha topped with salmon tempura and plantain. This could be New York’s best fusion menu neighborhood for corporate dinners and intimate events!


If you have that relative who opens the family “BBQ smoke pit” right around now – or even if you don’t, you’ll love a cool event venue in Brooklyn that is ideal for millennial destination meeting attendees. Your group will enjoy Texas-quality ribs and other meats like pork shoulders, tri tips and turkey with rounds of board games for team-building and amazing moonlit evenings. The venue is located in Gowanus, which is one of the hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn with lots of after-hours options after the event!


Already with an Academy Award and an Emmy, Sally Field could hit the acting ‘Triple Crown” on Broadway as she plays the role of Amanda Wingfield in “The Glass Menagerie.” Joe Mantello of “The Normal Heart,” and Emmy nominee Finn Wittrock from “American Horror Story”. Opening night is March 23. Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention and incentive travel program attendees with unique Broadway experiences that have included backstage tours and interaction with key performers.


One of Off-Broadway’s top theater’s in Manhattan has opened a show-themed pie shop that features the cooking of a former White House chef whose treats were loved by both Presidents Bush and Obama. This unusual bakery makes about 90 small pies for each performance. They are served with mashed potatoes and delicious herb sauce. If you have vegetarian destination meeting attendees, our pie master has a version for that too!


There is no denying that the new political culture in the US has exponentially increased interest in George Orwell’s 1949 novel “1984.” It is now becoming a new Broadway production that will open this June. The audience will be treated to a giant video wall that looks down on the actors to see if they are committing “thought crimes.” Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention and incentive travel program attendees with unique Broadway experiences that have included backstage tours and interaction with key performers.


The Oscar-Nominated and “Oops Brief Winning” film “La La Land” has launched a massive resurgence in tap dancing, and we have found a corporate team-building option in New York City that can help your destination meeting attendees, regardless of level, participate! It won’t take long for your group to show off their moves back at the office and in front of their families! We have one staff member who was “forced by his mother” to take tap lessons as a young kid; he says he’s been waiting 25 years for it to finally be cool! You might have a few of those stories in your corporate meeting group, so don’t be shy is signing everyone up.