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Horseback in New York City? Team-Building With a View

While you might not immediately connect New York City with some of the best horse riding experiences in the U.S., we can help provide your destination corporate meeting attendees with exactly that. There is one venue in particular, which doubles as an expansive wildlife refuge, that is an ideal backdrop for corporate retreats, corporate team-building, and even major corporate galas. The venue encompasses over 40 acres of manicured wooded trails and three miles of beachfront riding. It is the kind of all-year experience your attendees will love, and a great change-of-pace that is within a 30-minute drive of Midtown Manhattan.

After-Hours: The Ice Cream Speakeasy

New York City has seen really cool speakeasies pop up in many neighborhoods, and we have found a new one in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Like many others in the city, your destination corporate meeting attendees wouldn't typically recognize it when they first see it. But in this case, the "front" isn't a bookcase or coffee shop; it is ice cream! One of top entertainment pros in the U.S. - she was the manager of the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas and a VIP Suite guru at Yankee Stadium - has developed a truly unique speakeasy concept that pairs artisanal ice cream with its "storage room" New York-themed cocktail counterparts such as "Girls Gossip", "Gracie Mansion", and "Next Stop is Hunter Colleg

Meet Around the Next Wave of Outside Sporting Events

New York hosts multiple outside events where destination corporate meeting groups can incorporate elements of these events into their experience. There is a new event series - Formula E Racing - that is making an exciting US home in New York City. Formula E, which is the first Grand Prix sport based 100% on electric cars, debuted here in 2017 in Brooklyn. E-Cars raced through some of the city's hottest neighborhoods and along the East River that featured spectacular views of the skyline. We just learned that the circuit is rolling out a Gen2 car that looks something like the Marvel Comics "Batmobile". If your group is meeting around this year's race, which is in July, the new cars should del

Corporate Team-Building: First LED Tennis in the US Launches in NYC

If your destination corporate meeting attendees love tennis, are diverse in skill level, but love a great party, we have found a New York City venue that delivers in a very unique way. With 11,000 square feet and located a 10 minute trip from Midtown hotels, it is the first and only tennis club to use customizable LED tennis courts in the United States. It features glass-floor surfacing, and top cushioning for players of all ages. The courts can be quickly transformed from tennis to badminton, handball and pickleball. And you can also quickly turn it into a nightclub vibe with speakers and glowing beams of light coming up from the floor!

Broadway Update: Al Pacino to Play Tennessee Williams

We are very excited to hear that acting icon Al Pacino is returning to Broadway to play the part of Tennessee Williams. The production, "God Looked Away"’ is the first on Broadway by magazine and book writer Dotson Rader, a friend of Tennessee’s before he passed away. And that's the key that makes this production really interesting. This isn't a lavish ’40s, ’50s, ’60s glory years production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” or “The Glass Menagerie.” "God Looked Away" focuses on Tennessee's later years, which creates a highly original and raw feel to the production. Shackman Associates New York provides unique Broadway experiences for destination corporate meeting, asso

Dirty Dancing Team-Building for Meeting Groups Too!

One of the most talked-about commercials from last weekend's Super Bowl was a parody on the famous "Dirty Dancing" song by American football players Eli Manning and Odell Beckham. Turns out these football players had the expertise of a major Broadway choreographer behind them so they could do their best impressions of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. Whether you have someone in your meeting group who can do the iconic lift (Beckham had a harness), or just a bunch of attendees who want to have fun dancing as team-building (with an option to make it a private commercial or corporate social media hit), we love this idea- and New York is one of the few cities where this can happen.

Corporate Dinners: The World's Most Famous Steak Cutter Heads to New York

The internet went crazy about a year ago when a Turkish steak guru, known by fans as "Salt Bae", posted a video of himself dramatically cutting and salting steak. He has now opened a venue in Manhattan that would make those theatrical suburban steak franchises jealous. And next up is gourmet burgers. This guy is no joke, and his cult following even includes celebrities such as DJ Khaled. Be prepared for lots of selfies! Overall, we are seeing the entire steak-serving industry in New York move in new and exciting directions, which means your attendees attending intimate incentive travel or executive dinners will have lots to talk about in addition to the food itself!

Hudson, History and Pageantry at West Point Events

The West Point Military Academy is one of the most impressive structures in the U.S., and because it is located so close to New York City, it is an ideal location for a corporate event. And with event space offering seating for up to 400, your attendees can be treated to spectacular views of the Hudson River for a luncheon or gala accompanied by an unforgettable time spent on the campus.

Winter Olympic-Themed Team-Building

Your destination corporate meeting attendees don't have to be among the world's best athletes to enjoy the sports featured at the Olympics this month. New York City has multiple options for these kinds of sports that can become a great team-building activity. There are ice rinks throughout the city (that obviously includes Rockefeller Center), a curling rink in Brooklyn that offers group lessons, skiing and snowboarding within an hour of Manhattan, and if you have some really adventurous attendees, there is ski jumping within an easy bus or train ride!