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Cool Rooftop, Hot Neighborhood, and Amazing Views

With summer on its way, it's time to think about how to optimize your destination corporate meeting attendees' New York City experience outdoors. We have found a new rooftop venue that provides spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty and more. Located directly across the Hudson River in booming Jersey City, this is an ideal after-hours event idea for insurance and financial meetings being held Downtown. And because this rooftop venue is connected to a major upscale hotel that visiting professional sports teams frequently use, you might think of hosting the entire meeting there.

Forget the Booze - Do a Bakery Crawl in NYC

While New York City has some iconic bar crawls, you can really get a drink anywhere. Here is something you won't find everywhere: historic bakeries that many have unsuccessfully tried to copy elsewhere. There is no guarantee they will be around forever, especially if they are family-owned. So this is the kind of "crawl" that can provide the truly authentic neighborhood experience that today's destination corporate meeting attendees love. Full disclosure: this is a decadent experience- but you only live once! Our personal favorites include cookie combos in Manhattan's Upper East Side, delicious Danish in Queens, specialty bread in Brooklyn, and cannolis in the Bronx. There is even a German ba

Authentic Rainforest Meeting Break

We have been big fans of a Williamsburg coffee house that has authentic Columbian beans shipped in every week via FedEx. It's now coming to Manhattan with a rainforest-themed venue that is ideally located for financial destination meeting attendees Downtown. This is a great meeting break concept that can be combined with business components at an evocative collaboration venue.

Luxury Shopping at Meetings: Pick Up What You Want at 2am

Shackman Associates has run private shopping experiences that have been a fan favorite of destination corporate meeting attendees, but we have found an interesting new take on this that in theory, could outfit your group before an after-hours nightclub event at 2am. Think about it. How many times have you forgotten to pack a swanky pair of shoes that you suddenly find you need while at the destination? Spill coffee all over yourself during a meeting break? New York City will soon have you covered to replace that outfit whenever you need it. Of course, the downside is that this kind of service will not exactly be ready to come to a struggling mall near you. So live a little while you can!

Goat Yoga Arrives in NYC

We have found that one of the concerns potential participants have with yoga team-building, and NYC yoga in general, is whether other people in the class are doing it "better" than them. We have found a solution: goats. You are not reading a typo, and no, the goats are not certified instructors. They are typically about 5 pounds, and hang out on your attendees' back as a way to introduce pure happiness into the event. By the way, they also wear diapers to prevent accidents!

Lincoln Center Area Gets a Michelin-Starred Sushi Event/After-Hours Dinner Venue

It has been a long time since Picholine was the gold standard of Upper West Side dining near Lincoln Center. In 2018, a new power-player is entering the scene with a Michelin-starred sushi venue for corporate dinners and events. With over 3,800 square feet of dining space, this is an ideal pre- or post-event option for meeting planners that are utlizing Lincoln Center for either business or entertainment components. Quite frankly, the world-renown Omakase will please your destination corporate meeting attendees for any occasion. We also love the proximity to luxury legacy hotels near Central Park South, and hot boutiques like the Hudson Hotel just 6 blocks away.