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CSR at Meetings: Art Team-Building for NYC Youth

If your destination corporate meeting attendees like team-building concepts like Paint Night, they will love a new art event idea that helps a local organization train kids in the Bronx for careers in creative design. It's a fun, collaborative way to help future geniuses get started versus simply a "give-back".

After-Hours: A Beer Garden to Celebrate Women in the Industry

We have found a new beer garden venue in New York that celebrates women who have helped transform the entire industry. And it gets really historical. We are talking about Ninkasi, who was considered the Goddess of Beer, and Hildegard of Bingen, who was the first known woman Brewmaster in Germany. If your attendees want more than hop, there are team-building and networking games that include ping-pong, shuffleboard, Jenga, pinball machines, and multiple screens to view major sports events.

Corporate Events and Off-Hours for the Sweet Tooth

Candy is no longer just a welcome gift or an after-dinner menu idea in New York City. It can now be the entire event venue with all kinds of interactivity for attendees. Your group can enjoy a curated candy wonderland conceived by Hollywood candy queen - Jackie Sorkin. This includes flying unicorn pigs to a marshmallow tsunami pool. The interactive exhibit has already brought in celebrity fans such as Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, James Corden and Wiz Khalifa, and has a dozen rooms at the NYC edition.

Healthy Meetings: 4 Ways to Incorporate Delicious Healthy Food Into Event Menus and Meeting Breaks

Its easy to become obsessed with the latest healthy trend for corporate event menus and meeting breaks. Fortunately we have 5 basic ways you can incorporate wellness into these menus, without overthinking the room. 1. Beets. If you want to get creative, have your caterer or event venue boil beets in orange juice versus simple water. It adds a sweetness to them. 2. Cauliflower Rice. We know a lot of people who complain that cauliflowers would be amazing if someone knew how to cook it. We recommend steaming it with pesto sauce. 3. Kimchi. We have blogged before about Kimchi team-building, and would suggest ramping up this experience to include Kimchi Pairings with fish or meat. 4. Legacy Grain

Harvest Events: Leverage One of the East Coast's Best Wineries with a Historic Deep-Water Port

Eastern Long Island offers so much more than summer fun in the Hamptons. This is especially true in the North Fork, which has become an East Coast capital for amazing wineries and farm-to-table food. If you are thinking about planning a fall outdoor harvest season event with spectacular views, freshly bottled unique wine and an incredible menu, consider a destination like Greenport, NY. Here are a few advantages: 1. Easily accessible from New York City by both private charter, helicopter, or major luxury yacht. Many people don't know that this formerly quiet fishing and moonshining village during Prohibition is one of only 3 deep-water ports in New York. 2. It's part of the North Shore on Lo

NYC Picnic Experience Can Be Huge for Corporate Meetings

One of the rituals of living in New York City is having a picnic in one of our many parks. It's now becoming a serious endeavor, requiring months of planning, early-morning setups, creative themes and some serious moving capability. Picnic experiences can now feature everything from choreographed dancers, super-sized grills, Rosé tastings, and crazy sports themes. It can even piggyback a scavenger hunt or other team-building event at a venue like Central Park in Manhattan or Prospect Park in Brooklyn. What we really love about this idea is that it can be optimized by your imagination in food, drink, branding opportunities, activities and space.

Meeting Breaks: Coffee at Indie Bookstores

Back in the day, which is really not that long ago, major bookstores like Barnes and Noble were a key destination for coffee-lovers. But with the downturn of these mega-venues via online retailers, the indie bookstore experience, which was recently on the endangered retail list in many cities, is making a huge comeback. Instead of sipping on cookie-cutter coffee, your attendees can go down the street to a artfully decorated bookstore where they can sample works from local writers, early editions and rare titles. Want to get really creative? Try holding an informal breakout session there too!

Intimate Corporate Dinners: The Reverse Speakeasy

While New York City has been booming with secret speakeasies that are fronted by restaurants, cafes or even ice cream parlors, we have found one that turns this concept on its head: The Reverse Speakeasy. If your attendees, especially corporate executives, are looking for a hearty meal in an intimate setting, this idea is for them! And,by the way, this doesn't mean your group will be parched for great mixology. These venues are ironically fronted by hot neighborhood bars.

Dodgeball Team-Building at Meetings

While the most well-known World Cup recently wrapped up in July, the Dodgeball World Cup is taking place this week in New York City, with the final at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. If you remember playing dodgeball in elementary school, the game is still just as much fun, with some serious sophisticated changes on how people train and play it. We recommend a 2-day meeting-break option that features a workout the pros use on Day One, and the main event itself on Day Two. For the workout, it's really a complete process that features speed, strength and agility!

3 New Ways to Enjoy Rose at Events

Rose has been more popular than ever at destination corporate meeting events. If your group has been meeting in New York City's heat this summer, we love the idea of providing Rose pops. For meetings focused on wellness, try a detox/retox rose option that includes berries, watermelon, granola and honey. And for cocktail hours, you can spice up Rose with a sparkling version that features elder-flower liqueur and bitters. Super-refreshing!

Mixology at a New Level at Eclectic Venues

Destination Corporate Meeting attendees want something more than the cookie-cutter, and we found a venue that delivers with both decor and mixology. Your attendees can enjoy the hoop-earring crowd vibe that provides a hyper-local flavor in a fast-growing New York City neighborhood. Overall, we see the Manhattan Bridge area, which is close to the hot Lower East Side, as a potential next frontier of new, intimate event venues.

Event Venues: Love the Rescues!

We have found a successful effort to rescue a 19th-century event space on Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn. And it had a 112-year history there before this blog. But the building’s interior, which has been designated as a landmark, still has its original lamps and wall-length mirrors. It's the real deal, and it has become a major chop-and-oyster house, which is an ideal option for corporate executive dinners or incentive travel program groups. We love the ongoing effort to revitalize older buildings for amazing event spaces, and that is something meeting planners will not often find outside of New York City.

Corporate Dinners: Barbaric Sushi

If your destination corporate meeting attendees are fans of sushi hand rolls, they will love a new trend in New York that could be considered quite barbaric. It's a kind of DIY approach to sushi, but your group can rip tuna off the bone and make their own hand rolls with seaweed wraps. We see this as taking the concept of DIY fancy tacos, where you make your own creations, into a new genre of delicious food. There is a "doing good" component as well. Tuna is one of the most overfished species in the world, so optimizing this delicacy with an option like Tuna Ribs is a unique way to dine as a group.