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VIP Experiences: Our 2017 Favorites at the U.S. Open

Shackman Associates New York has produced memorable VIP experiences for destination corporate meeting groups at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament that have included private receptions and other exclusive access events. We always get excited when new vendors offer cool products and amazing food for attendees. In 2017, our favorites include a new Poke Yachty Bowl with an option of tuna, salmon, crab, and shrimp, plus a customized commemorative shirt from a major luxury retailer. Your attendees can even add their own initials! This is already a group favorite at wine-making events where attendees can customize labels, so we love that the concept is crossing over into other products!

Corporate Events: Happy But Not Sloppy After-Hours

Low-alcohol cocktails that get destination corporate meeting attendees buzzed but not drunk at events and galas are popping up at New York City's trendiest bars, including those in hotels. This also provides each attendee an opportunity to try different drinks at one event. The general standard for one of these cocktails is anything less than 10% pure alcohol. The good news is they make up for the lack of booze with creativity. A few of our favorites you could serve include cocktails that feature ingredients like Maple Syrup, red-pepper syrup, grapefruit juice, lime-infused coconut milk, fresh strawberries, and other primary alcohols like sherry, sweet white vermouth, ginger liqueur, and Ap

Ice Cream Making Venue Goes Bigger Than Even Star Wars

We previously blogged about a NYC creamery with a local cult following that recently became even more famous for creating themed ice creams for the new Star Wars movies. This venue is now expanding from 900 square-feet to over 15,000 square-feet. Producing over 1 million gallons each year, and by their own admission the next "Ben and Jerry's", we expect this creamery to offer even more options for destination corporate meeting groups, which is especially great news for large associations at conventions here!

Team-Building Retreat: Head "Out East" to the "Other Fork"

When many of us hear about "heading out East" in Long Island, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the Hamptons. However the island's North Fork is fast-becoming a major global wine and food destination. It's an amazing idea for a day-trip team-building event, especially if your attendees ride bikes! We recently checked it out, and found red wines that have been served at Presidential Inaugurations and even unique, sometimes "Act of God" twists on popular wines like Pinot Noir and Rose. Your attendees will learn the wine-making process in this unusual climate and sample up to 5 per venue. It also includes opportunities to ride bikes through the vineyard. We also found two venues t

How Luxury-Turned Upside-Down Means More Luxury

We are taking the New York City hotel boom to new possibilities that include the concept of bringing in a nightclub leader for breakfast, a craft bar expert for seafood, and a 2016 Tony-Award-winning designer to enhance the guest experience. Sounds impossible? It's happening right now. We have found a venue with exactly that, and it features the city's largest rooftop event space with 10,000 square feet and an all-season indoor/outdoor lounge. And we are not talking about random food offerings. The venue's partners include the TAO group and other top chefs. And the views are ridiculous-even including the Empire State Building. Overall, Midtown West is in the middle of a major hotel and event

Concerts at Corporate Events: Try an Open-Air Event on Coney Island

We have managed some major concerts for large destination corporate meeting groups in New York City that have included performers like Diana Ross. If you are looking at booking a major act for a large meeting in 2017, consider an amphitheater option that is a centerpiece of the renaissance currently taking place in Coney Island. Among the advantages we love is the ability to keep the event covered if there is bad weather, and multiple options for pre- and post-concert entertainment and dining for attendees.

Corporate Retreats and Team-Building: Hudson and Highlands

If your destination corporate meeting attendees are looking for a Fall corporate retreat and team-building option, we have the perfect combined idea where they can enjoy the best weather of the year in the New York area while experiencing amazing views before, during and after the event. Your group can experience a private cruise up the Hudson River, take in amazing views in the Bear Mountain area, and play one of the most pristine golf courses in the region. You can also choose a patio cocktail hour or dinner event and have everyone back at the hotel for after-hours in Manhattan. This is an especially amazing idea during October when your attendees will see the Hudson Valley's most brillian

Spouse Programs: Hot Massage Health, Hot Tea, and Hot Pots

Drinking herbal tea is becoming as hot, no pun intended, as coffee in New York City. There are obviously many health benefits from drinking herbal tea, which is why it is especially cool that one venue we love combines its teas with a dry sauna and hot massage experience at its sister health club. This is a great off-site idea for spouse programs, and it can also include a dinner event with all attendees that features the city's best "hot pot." We started getting into hot pots while exploring sushi event venues, and they are about as authentic as you can get in Asian cuisine. This venue happens to take it to new levels because there are so many options!

Event Trends: New Hybrid Venue Provides Co-Working Energy With Soho House-Type Luxury

We have found a new event venue in New York City that could be starting an early-stage "luxury co-working vibe" trend for corporate events. You might even say it is a combination of "Co-working 3.0" with the kind of exclusive amenities Manhattan's corporate movers and shakers find at private clubs like the Soho House. With 140,000 square feet of interdisciplinary event space and a massive 10,000 square-foot rooftop, major players like the TriBeCa Film Festival and Fashion Week are now there. This is more than an event space. Your destination corporate meeting attendees can enjoy private boardrooms for up to 18 people, private dining areas for up to 24 people, and a sunken living room that i

"Gourmet Mexican" Goes Old School to "Authentic Mexican" for Events

If your head is spinning from the overwhelming amount of Mexican-themed event venue options, or if your attendees have been left starving after eating trendy, gourmet tacos after-hours, we have found your solution for an authentic Mexican corporate dinner venue right here in New York City. It is so authentic that the entire menu is based on the chef's family that is from Oaxica. If you like heirloom tomatoes, you will love the heirloom corn and imported beans and chilies. And then there are the quarts of homemade watermelon tequila or super-creative micheladas. Your attendees will not be seeking slices of pizza after a dinner event here!