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Recreate the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever

The biggest year-end event in New York City might not be in Times Square; instead, it could be at a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn that is being retro-fitted to host the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever. It's exactly where the most famous scene was filmed! While we are hearing about multiple public events and some over-the-top birthday parties to celebrate this iconic film and music revolution, your destination corporate meeting group can privately experience the dance moves, funky lights, and obviously, the dress code in 2018! Multiple venues can recreate the 70's disco vibe to accommodate this kind of themed event, and one can even include a roller rink component to it! Want to mak

Grand Central to be a Major "Hip, Hot Spot" for Events in 2018

When you walk through Grand Central Station in New York City, there is history everywhere around you. Shackman Associates New York has leveraged these amazing elements to produce major corporate galas at the terminal. In 2018, Grand Central is offering more options than ever, and its targeting the younger, "hip" visitors that are similar to millennials that destination meeting planners are looking to wow. Let's start with the Campbell Bar. The sad, nostalgic trip down memory lane many regulars felt when its original version was closing has been replaced with a vibrant, new venue run by the group that is responsible for nightlife spots like The Roof at the Viceroy Hotel and Mr. Purple. It is

Team-Building: Throw Axes in New York City

If you liked our team-building ideas about spear-throwing on New York City rooftops and destroying old office equipment, then you will love this new one we found where your destination corporate meeting attendees throw axes at bulls-eyes. This 7,000 square-foot venue looks like something you might see at a ski lodge in Canada, until you see the rows of bulls-eyes on the wall. After your attendees master the art of axe throwing, just like the stars of the reality show "Mountain Men" do, they can can enjoy crisp cider and malt beverages in front of a beautiful "winterscape". Want to make it even more interesting? Get your group in vintage alpine costumes for a great group photo-opp!

Corporate Retreats: Bring Your Spouse Along to this "Showroom" Hotel

Many guests at New York City's boutique hotels would argue there is a "Restoration Hardware" vibe about the decor and furnishings, and they can soon experience the real thing as a hospitality option in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. The retailer is opening its first U.S. Hotel in New York, and based on what we are hearing, it looks to be ideal for executive corporate retreats accompanied by spouses. The hotel will be located steps from Restoration Hardware's flagship store. Now THAT'S a private shopping experience!

Team-Building: Be an Appy Pop Star

Do you have people working at your company who may have secretly always wanted to be a pop star? That's why Shackman Associates New York has developed programs where destination corporate meeting attendees can "train" to be a rock star with some of the industry's top talent. Here's the catch in 2017. If your attendees are older than 40, their kids don't think that's cool. So we have found a new, fun, team-building option where attendees can leverage technology to lip-sync to today's hottest songs like some of the top emerging stars are doing on social media. No one in your group will have to learn how to play an instrument or sing (gasp!) in front of their peers at a corporate gala. But they

Private Shopping Experience at the Hottest Pop-Ups

Some of highest-demand shopping venues in New York City are pop-ups- and we are not simply talking about the multiple "Winter Villages" that are overflowing with tourists during the holiday season. While some pop-ups may have gotten their start around the holidays, the leases typically run up to six months. For example, Drew Barrymore's pop-up is in Soho through May 2018 and has super-high demand. Chances are she will stay, and this is where private shopping events we have run at major department stores can cross a new frontier. Pop-ups are heavy on celebrity-driven "first in fashion," and because the owners are testing out both location and flexible inventory, your destination meeting atten

Corporate Events: Experience The Home of Country Music in Times Square

With country music becoming bigger than ever globally, the Grand Ole Opry is opening Opry City Stage in New York City, a four-level live music and dining/event space with an extensive Southern comfort food menu - all in the heart of Times Square. Your corporate meeting attendees, especially international groups, can experience authentic country music without having to leave the top destination in North America. Two of the building's four levels are occupied by the dining venue, bars and performance stage. The first floor will house a retail shop and the fourth features The Studio At Opry City Stage, which is a "world-class concert space." Select performances from the Grand Ole Opry in Nash

Post-New Years Meetings: Get an Early Start at the Winter Classic

If your destination corporate meeting group is flying into New York City for a meeting immediately after New Years 2018, there is still time to schedule a really cool (well, very cold but fun in every way!) welcome/pre-meeting idea via the NHL Winter Classic. The Winter Classic, held outdoors every year on January 1 at a stadium with a capacity of 50,000+, has become a huge event in professional hockey. For international meeting groups, this is a great chance to watch your favorite stars you typically only see at the Winter Olympics play at the highest global level in the sport. Of course, your attendees don't have to freeze in the conditions, and Shackman Associates New York has provided mu

New York City Named Top North America Meeting Destination

We are thrilled, but not surprised, that New York City has been named the top meeting destination by booking data from industry giant Carlson Wagonlit Travel. We have seen a major uptick in both bookings and interest from corporate meeting planners who have attendees seeking more choices than ever with hotels, evocative meeting spaces, customized event menus, private water experiences with spectacular views, and after-hours options that reflect their personal sense of style and culture. This is one of the reasons why New York's hotel boom is scheduled to continue through 2020, and why more venues of all sizes, especially in highly localized neighborhoods, are incorporating programs that cate

An Old Midtown Favorite Gets a Bold Makeover

The Seagram Building is about as iconic as it gets for the power crowd in Manhattan, and one of its most famous dining venues is back with a new name, vibe and menu. While the name would make your attendees think they are Down East in Maine, the menu has a Japanese flavor from a Michelin-starred sushi chef. Your event's menu can span the entire Pacific Ocean. There is also a little history here. This venue used to be open 24-hours per day during the heyday of Studio 54, with many big names making even bigger entrances late at night!