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Corporate Meeting Dinners: This NYC Steakhouse is on Fire

We have found a new unique steakhouse in New York City that provides your destination corporate attendees with a customized pyrotechnical experience with a Uruguayan-Argentinian twist. The secret to the incredible flavors your group will enjoy is a vertical fire box that produces a slow-roasted taste to each dish your select on the event menu. This is also one of the top venues we have found that offers coal-smoked deserts, including decadent favorites like chocolate custard. Yum! We highly recommend this kind of intimate experience for executive and incentive program dinners at winter meetings.

Top Manhattan Luxury Venue Reboots With Even More Wow

If your destination corporate meeting attendees love food tasting menus at luxury venues, they will love this new reboot at an iconic Manhattan venue that includes a 12-course tasting that will blow your group away with style points. Ideal for 200 attendees for a cocktail hour, this is the kind of venue that makes small plates an art, and that especially includes the presentation on each plate. Our personal favorites are the pinwheeled potatoes and lobster creations. Overall, anytime a 3-Michelin-Star venue does something new, it's news. In this case, it's very good news!

After-Hours: Tequila Events Go Modern Mexican

We love to see new twists on tasting events, and bringing in one of the best nightlife entrepreneurs in New York City is now expanding the imagination of what can be done with tequila- typically an attendee favorite. This 1,700 square-foot, split-level space is ideal for groups of 100+ and is connected to one of the city's most iconic boutiques. We are excited about what the mixologists do with the modern, blue agave theme.

Executive Dinners: Nordic Power Duo Expands NYC Empire

Claus Meyer and Mads Refslund are behind a new venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is ideal for executive dinners and cocktail hours for groups of 100 or less. This team is already responsible for what has been named the "best restaurant in the world" four times. We are excited to see new venues like this popping up in the Williamsburg area, which are complimentary to some of the trendiest hotels millennial attendees in particular are seeking in destination meeting travel.

Event Backdrop and Decor From One of the World's Most Famous Artists

Backdrops and decor for events have become more detailed and visually spectacular then ever in New York City, and the newest example of this trend will soon be found at one of the city's top garden venues via the famous artist Georgia O'Keefe. Your destination corporate meeting attendees will be transported to the amazing floral landscape of the Hawaiian Islands, including many of its secluded mountains and secret waterfalls. This is an ideal indoor-outdoor venue idea for cold-weather meetings. And based on our experience there, we expect the complimentary lighting components to be perfectly situated to optimize your group's experience.

New Hotels: Boutique Brands Go Bigger; Big Brands Open More Boutiques

We are seeing an interesting expansion trend in New York hotels for destination corporate meeting groups that goes beyond the projected 30% increase in rooms to 137,000 city-wide. There is a hybrid approach that is making major luxury hotel brands bigger players in the boutique space, and popular (but smaller room-capacity) boutiques dramatically increasing their footprint in other neighborhoods and with larger or equally unique properties. For example, one of the city's hot "local-feel" Times Square boutiques is opening a new property in Manhattan's Bowery neighborhood with almost 50% more rooms. And major legacy brands that have opened boutique-style properties in New York neighborhoods l

Corporate Galas: Wow "What If" New York Backdrops

Many of us remember the day Sully successfully crash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River and saved every passenger on board. We didn't know until now that Hudson River landings could have been an hourly occurrence if a planned airport with runways over the water had actually been built. If you think that is crazy, imagine Ellis Island as a futuristic bubble that could have made it into this week's trailer for "Star Wars." Shackman Associates New York has leveraged and created some amazing backdrops for museum events, but we have never seen anything like what one museum is doing with never-used plans for buildings featuring wild architecture, transportation ideas like skyscrapers for

Event Decor: Instagram-Worthy Wall Illusions

Some of the trendiest ideas for event decor and backdrops have been built into New York's newest lounge venues. We have found one that incorporates a massive image on display that will make your destination corporate meeting attendees feel like they are really in an African desert. It's the kind of decor that attendees love to post on Instagram and other social media platforms. Another added benefit is that it also creates more standing room for cocktail parties, which is a huge advantage if meeting planners want to optimize trendy New York experiences for groups that might not otherwise fit in some venues.

Broadway: Frozen Comes of "Age" for Meeting Attendees

People have been wondering when, not if, the blockbuster animated movie "Frozen" will head to Broadway. Well, it's coming in February, and we hear that the production has incorporated multiple items that will make it a must-see for corporate meeting attendees, and not just our kids. Most notably, we expect "Frozen" on Broadway to break new ground on set and costume transformation. At the end of Act One in its current run in Denver, there is a "wow-moment" conversion of a mammoth cavern into a beguiling, fractalized ice palace. Furthermore, we understand there is even more song and character development in "Frozen's" Broadway version beyond the iconic show-stopper "Let it Go." Shackman Associ

Coldest Hot Drink: The Next Meeting Break Craze

It's kind of fitting that during an unusually warm fall season, a cold drink - traditionally served hot - is taking off in New York City. And unlike early versions of cold hot chocolate, the newest versions are not sugar dumps. We believe the reason cold hot chocolate is now a legitimate luxury drink is that some of the city's top French chefs and chocolate experts are leading the charge. And by lowering the sugar, the drink provides the perfect blend of energy with deep chocolate flavors one might find at top tasting events. It also works for diverse meeting groups who might prefer skim, soy or almond milk. Yum!

Roman-Inspired, Artistic Events in NYC

For groups up to 250 attendees, we have found an ideal hospitality and event venue in Manhattan that features a unique Roman-inspired menu from one of the top dining gurus in New York, who happens to also be responsible for visitor-favorites like Shake Shack. With 2,700 square feet of overall meeting and event space, this venue can accommodate 250 attendees for receptions, 180 for conferences, and 140 for seated galas. We especially love the window-centric design for indoor events, and the Juliet balcony and terrace for outdoor events. And as is the case with many newer hotels in historic-vibe buildings, artwork is a huge component of this venue, helping to create incredible entrance decor