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The Imprint Spa

Tattoos have become more than common over the past few decades; they are now an experience and quite normal. A Harris poll found that 1 out of every 5 adults — 21 percent — has at least one tattoo. Whether your destination corporate attendees have one or not, or want one or not, there is no shortage of tattoo venues in New York City. But are they an ideal fit for your group's sense of style and luxury as an after-hours option? That potential conflict is being addressed by a new group of tattoo "spas" that especially understand that it helps if women attendees can relax throughout the process while getting a world-class artistic result. This represents a major shift away from the traditional

Sheds and Vessels Become Backdrops for Events

Two key components of the exciting Hudson Yards development in Manhattan's West Side are a "Shed", opening in 2019, and one of the most unusual pieces of outdoor art, which is called "Vessel." At first glance, Vessel looks like a stairway to nowhere. However. with it almost complete, Vessel is the centerpiece of a huge open garden that we are hoping can be a spectacular venue for warm weather corporate events. We are even more excited about "Shed." According to its developer, it will be New York’s first multi-arts center designed to "commission, produce, and present all types of performing arts, visual arts, and popular culture." We see this as a destination for artistic invention where arti

Unique Outside Events to Compliment a Destination Meeting

While everyone would love to schedule a destination corporate meeting around a major event like the Super Bowl, leveraging a more unique event might be more practical and rewarding for today's diverse attendees. We found the perfect example of this with a major "Distilled" weekend event in Brooklyn that could potentially replace the standard opening reception with an inside look at high-end distilled event participants that are re-defining the craft beverage industry. This is an opportunity to provide your attendees with an opportunity to sample over 100 spirits from Mezcal to Cognac as they arrive in New York City. This kind of "pre-meeting" event scheduling works perfectly with the new hot

Love Instagram? Team-Build, Give Back and Enhance the Brand in the World's #1 Instagrammed City

According to Guinness World Records, New York is the #1 most Instagrammed city globally. Of course, we are not surprised, but did you know your destination corporate meeting group can turn this statistic into a fun team-building activity that includes creative hashtags, and ideally, and opportunity to enhance the corporate brand? Our suggestion: Incorporate Instagram into a give-back team-building event that captures your attendees doing good and inspire others. That has been proven to be a winner on the platform. What we love: Your Instagram campaign will eventually catch the attention of other savvy Instagram users who also happen to be meeting planners. Which, in-turn, leads to another gi

Executive Dinners: Intimate Omikase

New York City has no shortage of sushi venues with amazing omakase, but finding one that is not too trendy or packed with tourists and the after-work crowd can be a challenge. We have found the perfect remedy at a small venue in the Lower East Side that is an ideal option for private executive dinners while at destination corporate meetings. Your executive attendees will receive detailed attention from one of the world's leading non-Japanese chefs who has developed a close relationship with the renown Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. This is the Michelin-star type of experience others wait forever for at Bar Masa and 15 East, and the chef explains the story behind each piece her serves. We love

Downtown Manhattan: A Major Shopping Destination for Corporate Meeting Attendees

While retail overall has had a tough year globally, Downtown Manhattan's shopping scene is exploding with luxury brands and entries into brick and mortar from hot online companies. In addition to major anchors like Zara, we are especially excited to see UNTUCKit, a major online option for men's high-end casual and dress shirts made to be worn untucked, and Indochino, a custom men's clothing brand, arrive Downtown. This is great news for destination corporate meeting groups meeting at the new hotels that have opened in the Financial District. More importantly, these new exciting retail options and complimentary hospitality options we are seeing reflect the sense of style and shopping culture

Meeting Dinners: The World's Most Famous Duck Arrives in New York

It's not often we recommend a chain as an idea for corporate meeting dinners, but one that has arrived from China is so hot that reservations for the general public are known to be made at least 5 months in advance. And with this venue comes the world's most famous Peking duck. This dining experience is so delicate that it takes six days to prepare each duck, which is expertly carved tableside into 96 pieces. We hear the skin basically shatters when your attendees cut into it. Add in a few unusual approaches to side dishes like stuffing with garlic paste and vegetables, and a secret formula for bean sauce, and your group will enjoy the only kind of experience like this available in the U.S.

Innovative Space Ideal for Medical/Bio/Neuro-Science Meetings (With a Twist on Tech)

Our title might be a mouthful, but 2018 is expected to see massive growth globally in the bio- and neuro-science industries, and with some of the world's top medical institutions in New York City, it is a great destination for holding a major industry meeting and event. We lovre one meeting and event venue that is a global leader in life sciences and an ideal backdrop for groups looking to collaborate in this space. It has already been specifically designed to accommodate world-renowned academic and medical institutions. As New York has over 100 Nobel Laureates in life sciences, it is no surprise that leading scientific talent, top tier investment capitalists and the broad life science indus