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Corporate Team-Building: Pickleball Arrives in New York

Here's a team-building sport that has been around for 50 years, and if you live in Canada or the Southern U.S., then you might know all about pickleball. We didn't know anything until we found a location in Manhattan's Upper East Side that is bringing this fun game to New York City. A hybrid of tennis, ping-pong and badminton, pickleball is played on a court about half the size of a tennis court and with a lower net, a wooden paddle and plastic ball. It has its own unique set of rules, and some of the big differences from a game like tennis are that the serve is underhand and you can only score points when serving. As is also important with other racquet sports, pickleball requires good hand

After-hours: Dives, Drinks and Jukeboxes

Destination corporate meeting attendees, especially millennials, are looking for authentic local neighborhood experiences that compliment the luxury amenities they already enjoy. It doesn't get much more authentic in New York City than a great dive bar. However, with rents continuing to climb for bar owners, and in some cases, with new building owners who don't renew leases, finding dives is becoming hard. We found one in the East Village that has everything your attendees would want from this kind of establishment: great drinks, local vibe, retro decor, and a jukebox that puts your group in charge of the music until the night ends! And instead of peanuts on the floor, this venue even provid

Corporate Dinners: Uniquely Aged Steak Deliciously Rare, and Only in NYC

We have found a steakhouse in NYC that has found a way to uniquely age their porterhouse for corporate dinners past the traditional 35-days, and the result is an exceptionally delicious option for destination attendees. Seasoned only with cracked pepper and kosher salt, this venue has found a way to add a secret sweetness to its "group style" steak with a 128-day aging process! It's getting rave reviews, and this is in a city globally known for its steakhouses.

Amy Schumer a Likely "Meteor Shower" on Broadway

Amy Schumer is one of the hottest draws in comedy, so it's no surprise comedy legend Steve Martin is close to signing the star as a lead in a new Broadway production "Meteor Shower". We hear Martin personally reached out to Schumer for this role, and her partner in the production will be Laura Benanti, who has successfully spoofed Melania Trump for Stephen Colbert. Jerry Zaks, who staged the smash revival of “Hello, Dolly!” with Bette Midler, will direct. The producer is Joey Parnes, whose credits include “Dolly,” “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder” and “Bright Star,” the Tony-nominated bluegrass musical Martin wrote with Edie Brickell. Here's another twist- the play features a housewife

Cabin Corporate Retreat in New York City

You'd think you would have to travel hundreds of miles outside of New York City to "rough it" at a "back to nature" corporate retreat. But you don't. We found one off Fort Wadsworth Beach in the Gateway National Recreation Area on the South Shore of Staten Island. Your retreat attendees will get 200-square feet of living space with spectacular views of nature and Lower New York Harbor, bathroom, shower, and an InstaFire-powered on-site fire pit. Put away the tablets because there is no wifi. Instead, this retreat idea will create a face-to-face collaboration opportunity that is uninterrupted by technology. This could be an ideal pre meeting option for executives over a warm-weather weekend b

Team-Building: Learn from Neapolitan Pizza Purists in Manhattan

We have seen multiple twists on pizza-making in New York, and the newest one we found is a Neapolitan-lover's dream. The proprietors really know their pizza history, which surprisingly includes an old belief that tomatoes were once considered poisonous. We love how this team-building activity helps destination corporate meeting attendees use expert tips when they return home. For example, you group will learn the secret of avoiding soggy home-made pizzas, how to optimize your oven's heat, and why the showmanship we often see of pizza-makers flipping dough actually might not provide your pie with a crispy crust!

"Tootsie" is Finally a Go for Broadway

It has been a complicated, time-consuming process, but the classic comedy film "Tootsie" is coming to Broadway. The producers are the team behind "The Color Purple", which was a huge hit last season. We are expecting a major star to play the role of Michael Dorsey, a struggling actor who hilariously dresses as a woman to revive his career. We would think Andy Karl from the current hit "Groundhog Day" and Neil Patrick Harris would be obvious choices. Shackman Associates New York provides destination corporate meeting, association convention, and incentive travel program groups with unique Broadway experiences that have included backstage tours and interaction with key performers.

Freeze Your Meeting Breaks With an Old Favorite

If we told you how any meeting break treat is "the new this or that", all of our heads would be spinning. But we found an old favorite, macarons, so popular that they might as well be frozen in time. Well, at least they are being frozen for summer meetings. The inspiration is from the Spanish desert corte de helado. Macarons were huge just a few years ago, and we are betting that they will make a major seasonal comeback!

Hugh Jackman Returning to Broadway? Soon, We Hear

Hugh Jackman has always been a fan favorite of destination corporate meeting attendees, and we hear he is reading scripts for a 2018 drama here in New York City! Jackman last appeared on Broadway in the "The River", where the Australian actor was notably seen gutting and preparing a fish on stage every performance. One of the potential upcoming plays that he will star in is based on a Silicon Valley aerospace engineer who wants to change the world.

Corporate Events: Local Ingredients, Private Dining and Patio Deck in Soho

It's not often meeting planners get to hit the trifecta with a private dining venue that incorporates local ingredients, a deck patio and a hot location for attendees, but we have found one in Soho. We really recommend the raw menu options for a cocktail event that provide unique twists on fresh seafood from Montauk, Long Island like oysters, clams and crab. We also absolutely love the wine list, and the variable menu with an Italian twist!